A fresh coat of paint

Written by Nathan Williams in blog on Sun 17 July 2016. Tags: meta, blog,

I have wanted to get back to blogging for quite a while, but I kept being put off by octopress. I'm more of a Python guy when it comes to scripting, and while I respect Ruby, it isn't one that works for my brain.

I also hated how the content …

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Lessons from life

Written by Nathan Williams in blog on Fri 14 February 2014. Tags: reflection, humanity,

Not a code post

I am slack about things like maintaining a blog, as you would have noticed from the gap between posts. I can come up with valid excuses, such as my wife and I having our first child, but it would still just be an excuse. I have …

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Blind alley

Written by Nathan Williams in blog on Thu 11 April 2013. Tags: Clojure, Minecraft, anvil,

I have been hacking away at reading Minecraft anvil files on and off now for over a month. By the time I started to see results, I realised I had a teetering pile of code that was becoming hard to work with, let alone explain!

So I am scrapping it …

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